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Outdoor 1797Care Plus Care Plus DEET LOTION The strongest insect repellent available. DEET repels biting insects (midges, black flies, non-biting midges, stinging flies) and ticks. Suitable for tropical areas (with risk of malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever) and Europe. The lotion will be effective up to 8 hours and is applied sparingly on uncovered skin. 070-0907 50 ml Anti Insect Natural Spray, 60 ml 40% Citriodiol Pure, natural protection from mosquito bites for up to 6 hours. Kind to skin, environmentally-friendly and non-toxic. Anti Insect Natural Spray does not contain DDT and its active ingredient is Citriodiol. Suitable for children from three months old, pregnant women and people with over-sensitive skin. Contents of 60 ml 070-0909 Care Plus *Sun Protection* Outdoor & Sea, SPF 50 Effective skin protection against UV A and UV B rays. The gel is very economical to use because of its highly-concentrated composition. Skin saver contains skin-soothing ingredients and is highly waterproof. Plastic 100 ml tube 070-0904 070-090750 ml

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