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Outdoor 1795 Ortlieb first aid kit *waterproof* This kit contains all the essential items for motorcyclists that are required to meet the DIN 13167 standard. A roll of self-adhesive bandage tape, self-adhesive dressing, rolls of bandage, a first aid blanket, scissors, vinyl gloves and first aid instructions are included. Plus the bag leaves enough room for you to add your own extra items as required. Strong loops are sewed onto the rear of the bag so you can attach it to your gear and get to it quickly. A shoulder strap with carabiner clips is also supplied. 070-0027 Care Plus PROFESSIONAL first aid kit This comprehensive set was put together by doctors specialising in tropical diseases and expeditions‘experts. It includes sterile medial aids and comprehensive first aid equipment. The PROFESSIONAL kit has been designed for those who travel to areas where medical care is insufficient or poor and where there is risik of becoming infected with HIV or hepatitis B (South America, Africa, Asia, etc.). 070-0233 Care Plus Emergency first aid kit This comprehensive set was put together by doctors specialising in tropical diseases. The kit includes: hydrophilic bandages, burn dressings, sterile compresses, alcohol pads, sticky plaster (roll), gloves, rapid application bandage, bandages, safety pins, tweezers, plasters, emergency scissors, unbreakable thermometer, emergency blanket, fixing tie, triangular bandage and first aid leaflet. 070-0920 First Aid Care Plus First Aid Kit Sterile Plus The new Care Plus® First Aid Kit Sterile Plus This is a set of sterile medical materials, bandages and first-aid supplies. This first-aid kit was especially designed for people travelling to areas where hygiene and medical care are poor, where there is an increa- sed risk of AIDS and hepatitis B infections, and where sterile material is often unavailable. In the event of emergencies, you can provide these medical supplies to the local treatment staff. 070-0026

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