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1794 Feldten NATURAL WASH Down soap Phosphate-free down soap to hand wash or machine wash down sleeping bags or down clothing. Adds grease to maintain the down‘s waterproofing properties. 070-0970 500 ml Feldten TEXTILE WASH Special detergent for sports clothing Special detergent for functional synthetic fabrics (e.g. micro-fibres or membrane fabrics GoreTex) and cotton. Suitable for hand and machine washing. 070-0971 500 ml Feldten WASH-IN PROOF Synthetic waterproofing concentrate Especially suitable for tents, clothing and rucksacks. The concentrate is applied to the fabric with a spon- ge and creates a long-lasting water-repellent effect where water droplets simply roll off. The fabric remains breathable. 500 ml bottle 070-0369 070-0970500 ml 070-0971500 ml

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