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2004 179 Herbert and Astrid are on the same wavelength. So it is an obvious conclusion that they and the team will continue providing us with exciting film and photo pro- jects together. This time they are off to South America. In Bolivia, a country of extremes, they want to get to grips with lonely gravel trails through the Yungas and the Altiplano. They wanted to visit remote villages normally not frequen- ted by visitors. From the capital La Paz they followed the infamous „Camino de la Mu- erte“ (Road of Death), a track blasted vertically into the rock leading down to the tropical lowlands. On the Rio Mapiri they meet gold diggers and experience at first hand how dis- illusioning and tough the „dream of getting rich quick“ really is. From the dense jungles at the feet of the Andes, the route veers steeply to over 3000 meters above sea level to the highlands surrounding Lake Titicaca. Herbert and Astrid battle arduously through the glacier world of the Cordilleras until they reach the end of navigable routes. There are quite a few hard nuts to crack in Bolivia in terms of riding skills and motorcycle engineering: slippery tracks, crossing torrential rivers and a burnt cable harness far from civilization.. Bolivi A

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