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1784 Isomats Therm-a-Rest The original In 1971 the former Boeing engineer, Jim Lea, invented the first self-inflating isomat in the world - the Therm-a-Rest. With a high degree of quality the technology has been constantly further developed and it is really because of this that it is still the best mat of this type on the world market, even though it has been copied hundreds of times. The Therm-a-Rest has been a vital piece of equipment on countless expeditions. The mat has been and still is no less of a must with us “normal” travellers, who have been travelling with one and the same Therm-a-Rest for decades. Function: After you have opened the valve the foam inside the mat sucks in the air until it is full. After a few minutes you can close the valve again - the mat is inflated. The firmness can be adjusted to your personal requirements by blowing it up more or letting some air out. The simplest way to pack up the mat is to fold it up roughly with the valve open and you can remove the majority of the air by kneeling on it. Then close the valve again and roll the mat up firmly in the direction of the valve. The rest of the air will be pushed out if you open the valve again. Close the valve again so that the mat doesn‘t start inflating again while you are transporting it. Then put it in the carrying bag supplied and you are ready to go again. Thermal mat Evolite THE FUTURE OF SELF-INFLATING MATS It is logical that, as inventor of the self-inflating mat, Therm-a-rest takes its unrivalled experience and know- how one step further and introduces the future of this technology. The Evolite mat with applied for patent, combines the comfort of self-inflation with the convenience of high air volume and sets new standards in outdoor comfort. ATMOS™ FOAM MATERIAL Our exclusive foam material is moulded in an atomspherically controlled chamber which allows precise control of uniformity and loft. The result is the most lightweight and most densely compressible foam material on the market. AIRFRAME™ CONSTRUCTION Alternating foam and air channels lead to a dramatic reduction in weight and simultaneous higher loft. SELF-INFLATING Excellent air inlet means that the mat attains its individual hard- ness with just a few extra breaths of air. 5CM LOFT No other ultra-light, self-inflating mat offers so much loft and comfort. Weight: 480 gr. / 650 g Dimensions: 51 x 183 cm/ 63 x 196 cm Thickness: 5 cm 070-0995 regular 070-0996 large

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