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1782 Cocoon sleeping bag COOLMAX inlet or easy cottages sleep sack. COOLMAX is a Hightech tissue out of 100% Polyester that moisture transports quickly of the body away outward. COOLMAX is very respiration active, robust and easy to handle. When Inlet uses in the sleep bag, it tunes this about approx. 5 °C. Dimensions: 220 x 80 x 60 cm Weight: 255 g Colour: bluemax 070-0306 Silk cocoon travel sleeping bags Highest quality silk for optimum sleeping comfort. The extremely light silk COCOONS are very soft, kind to the skin and balance out the temperature. They stay cool when it is hot and provide significantly more degrees of warmth when it is cold. An additional advantage that we have often come to value on trips when the accommodation does not come up to the normal hygiene requirements: Cocoon micro-fleece mummy liner A nice, very warm, lightweight sleeping bag liner and summer or indoor sleeping bag with a high rating The micro-fleece fibres wick out moisture and dry very quickly and prove to be reliable even when it is wet outside. When used with another sleeping bag, it adds about 6° C to the sleeping bag‘s rating. It can be joined to another fleece mummy liner. Weight: 660 g 070-0340 Right zip 070-0341 Left zip You always have your own bedding with you. Size: 220 x 90 cm Weight: 180 g 070-0299 leaves 070-0298 ultramarine blue Silk cocoon mummy sleeping bag liner Here the same material as in the travel sleeping bags has been used but “Mummies” can be used as more than a liner for a thick sleeping bag. The liner absorbs dirt and body fluids so that the sleeping bag does not need to be washed so often which extends ist life. In addition the comfort range of the sleeping bag is improved by about 5° C below. Dimensions: 241 x 90 x 56 cm Weight: 135 g 070-0302 leaves 070-0300 ultramarine blue Sleeping bag COOLMAX Travel sleeping bag (leaves) Mummy sleeping bag liner (leaves) Micro-fleece mummy liner

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