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Outdoor 1775 Pic.: TT-CZ Sleeping bag Extreme: At this temperature the sleeping bag offers more protection from freezing. But there is still the risk of hypothermia. It is assumed that the „average woman“ in a curled up position will withstand the cold for 6 hours. Sensitivity to cold also depends on other factors.Humidity, wind, personal sensitivity to cold, general physical and mental constitution, nutrition and hunger etc. Outer material: Polyamide or polyester is used. It is important that the material is light, strong, wind proof (also a protec- tion against damp coming in from outside) and - very important - breathable. Inner material: The inner material must be very light, strong, kind to skin and breathable. (With down sleeping bags the down tightness is also important). Polyamide and polyester are actually the most common materials. These materials do not absorb damp to a great extent and so they dry quickly and, unlike cotton, they do not rot. They are also resistant to dirt and smells and so you don‘t have to wash these sleeping bags so much especially for solo travellers and so there is less wear and they last longer. Filling material: If down is outstanding because of its more pleasant “sleeping climate” (always subjective, of course), small packed size and low weight - in relation to the comfortable temperature, man-made fibre filling shows its strengths at higher humidity. If a sleeping bag has become really wet (which in our experience occurs mainly when washing and less when it is being used), it dries faster if it is filled with microfibres. On the other hand a down sleeping bag gets “older” if it is treated properly and above all has been washed properly. The common goal of modern man-made fibre and high-quality goose down is that as much air as possible can be “linked” with as little material as possible. The principle is simple: Air is a very poor conductor of heat. Thus air warmed by the body takes a long time to get to the outside - the body does not cool down - the sleeper remains com- fortably warm.

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