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1764 Footprint Hilleberg NAMMATJ 2/3 Protects the tent floor against dirt and damage caused by sharp objects. In addition to this, it will also cover the bell end floor. This does not only protect your equipment against damp coming in from below but also reduces condensation caused by moisture coming up from the ground. 070-1626 NAMMATJ 2 070-1628 NAMMATJ 3 Tent Hilleberg NAMMATJ The Hilleberg NAMMATJ is a very lightweight tunnel tent in the well-known Hilleberg-quality. The little base permits to build up the NAMMATJ on nearly every place. Nevertheless offers the inner rooms much place for 2 and/or 3 persons. The NAMMATJ is equipped with two, rain neutralizing large fans with Moskitonetz. An lobby with rain neutralizing entrance. The interior tent entrance can be opened from above and by the side. Delivery: Interior tent and outside tent, 2 linkage squall genes, 3 pack bags, replacement poles segment, repair sheath, 16 herrings, exhausted lines and construction instructions. Outside tent: RipStop-nylon-! (KERLON 1800) with both-sided silicon coating. Interior tent: RipStop-nylon-! ground: nylon with PU-coating Linkage: Ø: 9 mm of aluminum Color: green Packed size: 15 x 50 cm Weight: 2.8 kg (NAMMATJ 2), 3.2 kg (NAMMATJ 3) 070-1620 NAMMATJ 2 070-1621 NAMMATJ 3

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