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Outdoor 1755 Spoilt for choice which tent is the right one? Good news: Today you will find almost any design style! Bad news: This doesn‘t make easier for you to find the right tent. To shed some light on this issue we have compiled information to help you find the right tent for you. Consider your requirements for the new tent as these will determine the packed size, interior height, level of comfort, weight, features and, of course, the price. All the tents we offer have one common feature high quality. The tents are very rugged, easy to handle and absolutely waterproof. Tent shapes: Each tent shape has specific benefits and disadvantages. Dome and geodesic tents are free- standing tents. You don‘t need any pegs. This is important if you set up the tent on sand, snow or rock. Tunnel tents are the most spacious ones in relation to floor size, are easy to set up, but in any case you will need strong fixing points such as pegs, stones or tent anchors. Design: Today, single wall tents are no longer very popular as the disadvantage is that condensed water collects on the tent‘s inner side and drips onto the floor. This does not happen with cotton or membrane tents (e.g. Marmot Alpinist). With double wall tents moisture penet- rates the uncoated inner tent material, condenses on the watertight outer tent and runs down to the bottom. If the poles are fixed to the inner tent, it can be set up without the outer tent. This will protect you against any insects flying or crawling around in hot nights. If the poles are fixed to the outer tent, the inner tent erects automatically together with the outer tent. This is an advantage if the weather is bad. Materials: Nylon is a material having the best tensile strength and abrasi- on resistance in relation to its weight. We only offer Rip-stop nylon tents as this material offers utmost tensile strength and tear resistance. Our polyester tents are a little bit heavier and not as strong and abrasion-resistant as the more expensive nylon tents. There are huge difference in quality between the tents available on the market. Here too, great care was taken to select the best ma- terials and tents with high-quality finish. Please note that this is only a rough overview. We would be very happy to help you to find the right tent. Tents TENTS

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