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1750 Ortlieb T-Pack Absolutely watertight outdoor toilet paper hanger with unroll function and hanging strap. A must for every outdoor enthusiast. The paper roll hangs underneath the bag which serves as a cover and protects it from rain. Use the adjustable strap to hang it on branches or put it around your neck • For us this is a must when travelling • Toilet paper included, therefore ready to use. • Weight: 265 g 055-0160 Clothesline Only 20 g is the weight of this small item fits in every luggage. No strech, no peg, adjustable, tiny and lightweight portable clothesline. Twin cord design secures items even in wind. 070-3012 3,5 mtr. Pocket Soap Pocket Soap is a purse or pocket pack containing 50 leaves of pure, dry soap. While it‘s the same size as a hotel cake, pocket soap won‘t turn into a soggy mess that infiltrates your toothbrush and other toiletries after one use. Weight: 16 g 070-3011 Care Plus Bio Soap A non-acidic, multipurpose and biodegradable cleaning agent. Ideal for outdoor use. Also suitable for use with saltwater. Concentrated and very effective, should be used sparingly. 070-3013 100 ml 070-30123,5 mtr. 070-3013100 ml

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