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1746 Eagle Creek Undercover Neck Wallet DLX • Size: 14 x 19 cm • Colour: tan (sand) • Weight: 40 g 055-0321 Eagle All Terrain Money Belt First of all: A brilliant travel belt - with a quickly adjustable National Moulding buckle. Secondly: A money belt - with zipped compartment to carry your cash when you‘re travelling. The strong nylon strap can be shortened to the required length. Dimensions: 3 x 107 cm. Weight: 98 g 055-0322 black 055-0324 beige Money Belt *Undercover Moneybelt DLX* khaki *Eagle Creek* This somewhat complicated name describes a money belt that is very comfortable to wear under clothes. It is sweatproof so that tickets, notes and other papers do not get all soggy and is divided into two large main compartments. The expandable belt, the extremely flat clasp and the zips are covered by your belt and trouser waistband so that the belt cannot be discovered immediately if you are frisked. • Size: 29 x 13 cm | Colour: khaki | Weight: 60 g 055-0331

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