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1706 Interphone Remote Control F*Handlebar-mounted remote control* for the Interphone F5S and F-XT series The Interphone Bluetooth® remote control makes the system easier to use and provi- des maximum riding safety. 065-0896 Headset Interphone Sound PLUS - Audio Kit for MC™ and XT™ series Universal Sound PLUS Audio Kit can be adapted to fit all types of helmets. High performance headsets provide a clear and unmistakeable sound. This is a completely new level in terms of acoustic performance, with a deep bass, poweful midrange and treble. In addition, the high-tech microphone allows clear communication among one another. The system is universal and easy to install. An Interphone series MC and XT intercom system can be added easily to the audio kit. Features - high-tech microphone - ultra-flat high performance double headset - optimal audio quality - easy to install - can be integrated perfectly into any helmet - compatible with INTERPHONE SERIES MC/XT, FSS and FS 065-0939 Headset Interphone Pro Sound Audio Kit for Shoei touring helmets 065-0937 Spare parts kit for Interphone Headset F5 MC™ and XT™- series 065-0899 Headset Interphone Audio Kit for MC™ and XT™-series What‘s included: Cable microphone and boom microphone, 2 ultra-flat loudspeakers, 1x adhesive pad, Clip mount 065-0938 Headset Interphone Pro Sound Audio Kit for SCHUBERTH / SHOEI helmets PRO SOUND audio kit for Schuberth/ Shoei is designed for riders who want to boost audio comfort when using Interphone intercoms with Schuberth/ Shoei helmets. Thanks to superior speakers efficiency, PRO SOUND reaches an all new level in terms of acoustic performance with deep bass, strong midrange and surprising treble. PRO SOUND is easy to install and fits perfectly inside the dedicated slot of Schuberth/ Shoei helmets. The results of this new concept are bigger speakers, louder music and crystal clear communication. Headset Interphone Pro Sound Au- dio Kit for Schuberth helmets 065-0936

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