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1694 Headset Cardo Scala Rider PackTalk The Scala Rider PackTalk™ Headset Set offers you a new and revolutionary communication level in Bike-to-Bike communications, combining both Bluetooth® as well as DMC™ technology. This lets you communicate with up to 10 motorcyc- lists in full duplex conference mode at a range of up to 1.6 km. The absolute highlight is that the presence of all participants is not necessary to maintain communications with the entire group. A group pf PACKTALK users is therefore a dynamic network which is maintained even if one or more participants drop out. In addition, every PACKTALK user can join the group‘s conversation at any time, leave and rejoin without affecting the ongoing group conversation. Main features: DMCTM Intercom Technology: - for large groups of motorcycles (up to 10 riders) within a single dynamic network. - seamless group communication remains intact, even if participants leave the group or rejoin. Exclusive „Roller & keyboard“ Multi-functional interface for intuitive manual operation, can also be operated with thick gloves. Bluetooth Intercom Func- tions: - up to 1.6 km Bike-to-Bike intercom - conference mode - reciprocates between 9 riders - Click-to-Link® 1 Cardo Gateway™: allows intercom connection to systems of other manufacturers Call functions: - voice controlled speed dial - speed dial key (individual memory) - intercom-to-mobile: if the intercom range is exceeded, conversation is automatically trans- ferred from the intercom to the mobile - mobile conference mode with inclusion of external callers and intercom participants

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