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Bluetooth 1693 Scala Rider G9x Communication The Scala Rider G9x™ headset is a top-of-the-range device for bike-to-bike Bluetooth communica- tion. The Scala Rider G9x™ provides a bike-to-bike range of up to one mile (1.6 km). The speech connection stays active within this range. With its 3-way and 4-way intercom, the G9x headset enables group conversations between a total of four motorcyclists and/or pillion passengers. All of the participants can speak at the same time, just as they can in a mobile phone conversation. The G9x sets a new standard in motorbike communication. Cardo Scala rider G9x™is the innovative successor to the Scala Rider G9 series and packs some sensational new features. Other features - A Cardo app is available for Android smartphones. Now you can configure the main settings of your scala rider directly from your mobile phone. - The stereo speakers are detachable, so you can use your own speakers if you prefer. - Music Sharing mode - rider and passenger can listen to the same music via Bluetooth-capable devices. - Two mobile phones can connect simultaneously to the scala rider G9x. - Full duplex bike-to-bike intercom system - Range up to one mile (1.6 km), up to 4 people - Mobile phone and navigation device coupling via Bluetooth® - Stereo jack input for MP3 player - Wireless MP3 stereo connection (A2DP + AVRCP) - Digital signal processor - Built-in FM radio with six channel memories (RDS automatically finds the strongest signal) - Bluetooth® version 2.1, class 1, CSR - Start intercom conversations with other G4 users in the vicinity (without pairing beforehand!) - Click-to-link tells you when another Cardo G9/G4 rider is nearby and lets you pair with their intercom - Sturdy weatherproof headset - protected against rain and snow - Suitable for many helmet types (jet and full-face helmets) Main features: - „One + 8“ pairing As well as the 4 users in conference, up to 8 additional users can be connected in toggling mode. - Voice recognition technology Connect to the additional 8 users via voice commands. - Flash pairing Simply touch two intercoms together and the systems are paired within 1.5 seconds. - G9x web application Control all functions and settings via a personal web portal. The web portal also provides a platform for contacting other G9x users and easily managing updates. - Group signalling - Send a signal to all intercoms in the connected group. Every member of the group can activate the signal. - Emergency call One touch of the button makes an emergency call. - Real-time RDS RDS traffic information is available on the radio. Headset Cardo Scala Rider G9x *Powerset* 065-0919 Headset Cardo Scala Rider G9x *single* 065-0920 Headsets

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