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Navigation 1689 Universal charger Digicharger Vario Pro Universal charger with LCD screen for Li-Ion battery packs (mobile phone, camera, etc.) AAA (micro) / AA (mignon) round cells and as a USB power source with emergency power function. Even good things can be improved: The DI- GICHARGER VARIO is an excellent charger for nearly all Li-Ion battery packs for digital came- ras, camcorders and mobile phones, but it just got better. The new DIGICHARGER VARIO Pro can do even more! A charging current of 1000 mA provides even shorter charging times and the height-adjustable flexible contacts make it possible to charge nearly all Li-Ion and Li-Poly battery packs, even those with a small contact area. As an additional feature the “Pro” can be used to provide power via its USB interface, e.g. to MP3 players and handheld gaming consoles. In an emergency a Li-Ion battery pack can be inserted and used to power USB devices! The DIGICHARGER VARIO Pro with an easy-to-read LCD screen can be used anywhere in the world (plug adapters for the EU, UK and USA are included) and in-car. Universal - Suitable for nearly all rechargeable battery packs and AA (mignon) / AAA (micro) round cells Fast - High charging current (1000 mA) for short charging times Optimum battery life - Optimum charging control circuit ensures long lifetime for rechargeable batteries USB power Supply - For powering USB devices Safe - Faulty cell detection and overcharge protection Warranty - 3 years 030-0146 Battery charger Adapter for cigarette lighter / USB mo- bile converter 12V into 5V, 2.1Amp Quick-charge USB port for fastest possible charge. NOTE: Not waterproof! Use only under dry conditions! 030-0139

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