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1686 Battery box The battery box is ideal for storing up to eight mignon or micro batteries:It fits any bag and is made from shatter-proof plastic which makes it almost unbreakable. 030-0147 Battery charger Powerline 4 Pro with cigarette lighter plug Pro: uses no power on standby and disconnects safely from the mains after charging! Compact charger in an aluminium housing with microcontroller and individual battery monitoring. Each individual battery is charged to 100% whatever the charge state, rated capacity or battery size. When charging is complete, the unit automatically switches to pulse maintenance charging for approx. 1 hour, before completely disconnecting itself from the mains. Detects and identifies faulty batteries. Using the supplied cable you can also charge batteries in any vehicle that has a cigarette lighter socket. Features: Adjustable charging current per charging slot Multifunctional, clear LCD display Individually selectable charging programs per charging slot Capacitance measurement in mAh Multiple over charging protection and trickle charging Used worldwide (100V-240V) and car (12V) Dimensions: 119x67x31mm Weight: 310g Delivery includes: Charger for 1-4 Micro AAA or Mignon AA (NiCd / MiMH) Incl. 1 USB charging socket (5V/1A) 030-0148 Branded battery set AAA NiMH 030-0144

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