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1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015 1991 1991 Togo-Ke nYa The fascination for Africa remains. The spirit of adventure grows. Herbert agrees to rendezvous with Jochen Schanz, one of the first customers for the mo- torcycle computer IMO 200T, in Lomé. The plan: to ride from Togo‘s capital to Kenya in a group of five. Fore the first time the Germans experi- ence the real black Africa with all its challenges - lacking infrastructure, impossible fuel supplies and corruption. „Everything was in a desolate condition. The buildings were all in ruins. The people were extremely cheerful, but possessed nothing.“ On a slippery jungle track in what was then known as Zaire, Herbert has an accident and breaks his fibula. The next reasonable hospital is three weeks away in Nairobi. To get there, Herbert and his companions need to cross a 4000 kilometer stretch of difficult terrain with sand, mud and collapsed bridges. He wraps his leg with elastic bandages and uses his cycling boot as splint. Despite unbelievable pain, he took it with humor: „I am glad it was right leg. You don‘t really need the rear brake that much.“ His travel companions heave him onto his BMW R100GS every morning and help him through the deep mud holes. However, this expedition also leads to new insights: aluminum cases with sharp corners are not the real thing. Jochen - who at the time was training to become a mechanical engineer - thinks about joining Touratech. Two men. One dream: develop cases with rounded corners together with suita- ble racks which can also stand up to extreme challenges.

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