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1670 Detachable, elastic cable ties This set offers 4 practical, detachable cable ties. You can choose optimum lengths to meet your needs. The soft material of the elastic Touratech cable ties ensures no scratching of paintwork or similar. These little helpers are simple to use and can be practically stored in the smallest of spare luggage spaces. 2 metres of elastic cord and clips for 4 TT cable ties are supplied. 015-0085 Set of 20 soft ties in lengths ranging from 18 to 34 cm. Cable ties made of a highly flexible material (TPU). Highly tear-proof and elastic. UV- and weather- resistant. With a special patented closure for repeated opening and closing. Adjustable tension for extra safety. Resistant to oil, grease and solvents. Temperature range: - 40 to +80°C Dielectric strength 20 kV/mm Elongation at break approx. 400% 015-0087 Velcro cable tie Removable Velcro cable tie e.g. to fix unused GPS cables to the handlebars. Velcro on both sides. No more loose ends. 030-0116 RAM Mount Drinks holder Our RAM Mount drinks holder provides a secure holding position and keeps cans cool. Our compa- tible adapters enable the holder to be placed at a desired point completely individually. 068-0227

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