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1668 RAM ball to fix to a pipe clip This basic unit can be screwed firmly onto any pipe. You can, for example, fit a ball joint adapter to a front bicycle bracket or a camera to a crash bar. 068-0235 RamMount steering head mounting for ball joint adapters This unit can be screwed e.g. to the top fork brace instead of the steering head cover. Delivery includes a conical universal rubber dowel that can be reduced to the appropriate diameter. Suitable for drill holes from 12-20 mm and 27 mm. 068-0020 Clamping bolt Ram Mount For mounting in the stearinghead of you bike, the stong mounting is realised with a ruber plug. 068-0008 RAM mount ball for *handlebar clamp* This ball is fitted to the handlebar clamp in place of the original screw. - Ball with hole and screws -Screws: M8 x 55mm, M8 x 60mm M8 x 65mm. *hexagon socket* 068-0022 RAM arm Very rugged arm version. When using the RAM ball with thread (item no.: 068-0005), the arm can be fixed together with the ball joint adapter. Both ends feature an R 1/4” outer thread. Length: 300 mm 068-0010

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