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Navigation 1667 P ART P ART TOU RATECH TOU RATECH NEW Ram hex ball mount for clutch or brake fitting For all ball joint adapter with 1” ball. Is simply screwed in front of the fitting clamp. Available with one or two balls. e.g. for Honda Gold Wing, ST1100, ST1300, etc. Suitable for vehicles with double screw connection on the fitting. Hex ball for clutch or brake fitting with one ball 068-0233 Hex ball for clutch or brake fitting with two balls 068-0234 RAM hex ball for M8 screws You can screw this basic unit onto any M8 screw connec- tions, e.g. On unused mirror screw connections or under a handle- bar clamp. 068-0236 RAM ball with M6 internal thread This ball is used to fix any ball joint adapter to metal sheets or other flat surfaces. 068-0019 Adaptationer Ram Mount middle -turnable- Through to the additional middle part of this RAM Mount Adaptationer, the unit can be turned 360 degrees around the longitudinal axis. That makes nearly every position possible! For all ball joint adapter Ram Mount. length: aprox. 6 cm 068-0229 Ram Mount RAM Mount Locking Knob for Adaptationer The RAM locking knob, for socket arms; this allowing you to disengage the screwing of the knob. Once you have set your mount in the location you need, you can lock it in place and feel safe that your mounted device will stay right where you left it. 068-0113

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