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1664 RAM base adapter for bicycle handlebar *with EZ-ON/OFF™ quick release fastener* This RAM base adapter is compatible with RAM device holders which have a diamond hole pattern. These include, for example, the RAM Garmin device holders, item nos. 01-068-0025-0 to 01-068-0030-0. The base attaches to the handlebar or stem using two cable ties. This allows the base adapter to be mounted on handle- bars or stems of almost any diameter. In addition, the holder can also be fitted rotated through 90°. Simply press down on the EZ-ON/OFF™ quick release faste- ner to release the diamond plate locking mechanism. During a stop, it’s easy to take your GPS device with you – no tools are required. The base adapter does not close or lock. 068-0031 RAM ball unit plate This base unit can be screwed on any surface. It is supplied together with The ball joint adapter for fixing handlebar brackets. 068-0001 RAM Holder for Garmin Handheld Devices This RAM device holder is designed specifically for Garmin Handheld GPS devices. The device is an exact fit in the plastic cradle, which holds it securely. The device simply clips into the holder and can be removed just as easily. This cradle is not lockable. 068-0026 Garmin Montana series 068-0030 Garmin e-Trex 20/30 068-0027 Garmin Dakota series 068-0028 Garmin 78 series 068-0025 Garmin 62 series 068-0029 Garmin Oregon series Recommended accessories: RAM U-bolt mount ball and socket adapter (01-065-0040-0)

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