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Navigation 1661 PDAs are often used with a map. We have invented bags for PDAs, which can be mounted on a Map bag on your tankbag, when using a tank made of metal. You can fix your PDA in the water proofed bag with several distance plates. With the circular, rain proofed zipper it‘s possible to mount easily the power cable to your PDA. It‘s easy to remove the bag with the PDA using a magnet. Hint: The bags are not 1 00% water proofed. PDA bag with magnet Standard 065-0153 PDA bag with magnet Large 065-0154 PDA bag with magnet Diagonal 065-0155 To mount your PDA on a map bag or on a metal tank Scope of delivery: PDA-bag with magnet and metal-complement, Stylus Pencil, 2 distance plates (to adjust your PDA) Dimensions: L. ca. 140 mm/W. ca. 90 mm/H. ca. 20 mm (065-0153) L. ca. 190 mm/W. ca. 90 mm/H. ca. 20 mm (065-0154) L. ca. 135 mm/W. ca. 135 mm/H. ca. 20 mm (065-0155) Handlebar bracket for PDA pocket Magellan Crossover MvG / Magellan Roadmate 300 Our proven MvG vibration decoupling developed specially for the Paris-Dakar Rally is used for this handlebar bracket. The waterproof PDA pocket with continuous zipper on three sides is securely and sturdily fixed to the aluminium baseplate by a combination of Velcro and clip fastener. The PDA can thus be quickly and easily removed from and fastened to the bracket again together with the pocket. Magellan Crossover MvG 065-0097 Handelbars Hint: The bags are not 100% water proofed.

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