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1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015 The cool 80‘s - the days before Touratech Actually the history of Touratech started well before being officially founded 25 years ago. It all started with a six-year old boy from Villingen-Schwenningen wan- ting to discover the world. He jumped on his pedal scooter. Twelve kilometers later a friend of his parents picked up the young lad on the main road. A relieved mother mother hugged her little boy. When she asked him where he had wanted to go, little Herbert replied: „To Africa!“ It seems there was no need to become infected with the travel virus, he was born with it in his blood. Herbert speedily advanced his career on two wheels: pedal scooter, bicycle, moped, motorcycle. At the age of 18, while training to become an electrical engineer, he bought a 125 Honda as a car was too expensive. Later he bought a friend‘s old Suzuki GT 550 second-hand. In the 80‘s he was attracted to distant shores. The Black Forest horizon had become cramped. On his own, with family or friends, he undertook extensive travel through Europe (Scotland, Nor- way), the former Soviet Union, the USA and the Near East on various BMWs (R 100/7, R80G/S and R100/GS). Inspired by the legendary Paris-Dakar Rally, Herbert ventured to North Africa. The tough trails through Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia left their mark. Improvisation and re- pairs were the order of the day. After discovering exactly where the weak points of motorcycles were, he decided to make things better by himself. Herbert remembers: „Due to the necessity of developing and manu- facturing things which did not exist be- fore Ortlieb & Co., the idea for an onboard computer and own, robust aluminum cases and racks originated“. 25 YEARS ON THE GO

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