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Navigation 1659 Detail Handelbars PDAs are unlike the mobile GPS Systems from page 100 very imperilled from vibration and wetness. We‘ve invented handlebar brackets for PDAs, which made it possible to take them with you on your mo- torcycle- and bicycle-trip. Your PDA can be fixed with several distance plates in the water proofed bag. With the circular, rain proofed zipper it‘s possible to mount easily the power cable to your PDA. These handlebar brackets include our specially for the Rallye Paris Dakar invented and proofed MvG vibration decoupled arrangement. The bags are, on an plate made of Aluminium, fixed with a combination of Velcro and waler. You can take the instrument with the bag fastly off and also fastly on the handlebar. The handlebar brackets can be fixed on a crossbar with 12 mm diameter or on a bike crossbar. The adoption with our Mounting Brackets (from p. 1599 on) improves also the possibilities to mount a PDA handlebar bracket. Hint: The bags are not 100% water proofed. Handlebar bracket PDA Standard with MvG vibration isolation for large PDA and PPC housings ** without integral antenna ** MvG base plate (special vibration isolation) for connection to a 12 mm handlebar crossbar. You can also use the RAM brackets with ball joint adapter (GPS Navigation » RAM Mounts). The device pocket has a waterproof zip and buckles/velcro fasteners for fixing it to the bracket‘s base plate. Delivery schedule: - MvG bracket, - PDA Standard pocket, - Stylus pen, - 2 distance plates (for adjusting the unit). Dimensions: about 140 mm x 90 mm x 20 mm (LxWxH) 065-0080

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