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1658 065-0196 065-0195 Interphone Cases Thanks to this series of waterproof universal cases, you can use any of your devices, from a smartphone to a tablet PC, on a motorbike or bicycle with a tubular handlebar (Ø 12-30 mm). The base with safety lock rotates by 360°. This means the device can be positioned to give you the perfect viewing angle. Thanks to the crystal special foil, the device functions can be operated via touchscreen, as usual. The cases are available in sizes from 8.9 cm (3.5”) to 24.6cm (9.7”) to suit your particular device. These strong, waterproof cases all have an anti-shock inner lining. Special elements are available to adjust the inner dimensions to your requirements. And because the case and zipper are waterproof, you can safely use the product in any weather conditions. Case SM70 for tablet PC 17.7 cm (7”) Colour: *black* with handlebar attachment *waterproof* 065-0196 Case SM54 for smartphone 13.7cm (5.4”) Colour: *black* with handlebar attachment *waterproof* 065-0195 Case SMSP for smartphone / navigation device Colour: *black* with handlebar attachment *waterproof* 065-0192 Functions • Motorbike and bicycle attachment for tu- bular handlebars *12-30 mm diameter* • Universal mounting system • Holder with quick-release system and safety strap • Optimum placement and attachment to the handlebar • Adjustable tilt angle (360°) • Cable hole possible • Weatherproof anti-shock inner lining What’s included: • Universal *weatherproof* case • Size based on item number • Adjustable handlebar attachment for tubular handlebars • (Ø 12 - 30 mm) • Information for attachment

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