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1654 Smartphone Case for iPhone® 5/5C / Samsung S4 All you need to use your iPhone® 5/5C / Samsung S4 in your motorbike, in one value pack! Your motorcycle deserves the best, and your smartphone need proper protection whilst on the move. We have combined all the items needed to provide a safe and unbeatable solution. With this pack you get everything to enjoy all the capabilities of your smartphone while riding. Weatherproof case Elegant and safe, protects your smartphone from rain and dust, providing access to all funtions. Specially if navigation apps are used, smartphone battery will get uncharged after a few hours. The weatherproof case allows the entrance of the charging cable to keep battery in charge whilst on the move. RAM®-MOUNTS arm and handlebar base With the smartphone case, you can use your smartphone in your motorcycle while protecting it from the harsh environment of rain, dust and vibrations. It is an hard case offering access to all smartphone functions. It includes a RAM® ball to make an easy, reliable and safe installation in any motorcycle model. The iPhone®5/5c and Samsung S4 sits inside the case in a rubber tray, protecting it from shock and vibration. The special screen protective cover of the case allows the operation of the iPhone® and Samsung screen when inside the case. Note that with rider gloves the operation of the screen is not possible. All buttons can be pressed from the outside of the case, such as Home, Sleep, and Volume. RAM-MOUNTS arm and handlebar base: 065-0209 Smartphone Case for iPhone® 5 Included in the pack is: Weatherproof case for iPhone® 5 RAM-MOUNTS arm and handlebar base Note: without charger cable

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