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1648 Handlebar brackets for Bicycles The handlebar brackets listed here have been specially designed for various navigation devices, and are made of high quality materials. We recommend the *MvG* version for devices that have not been pre-conditioned for motorbike use. Itincorporates a special decoupling that was originally invented for use in aerospace technolo- gy, and which offers up to 95% protection against vibration. Street Pilot 26XX/27XX/28XX *MvG* 065-0068 *MvG* lockable Garmin Street Pilot III 065-0039 065-0056 lockable Quest / Quest 2 065-0089 065-0090 lockable 065-0092 *MvG* lockable 065-0131 *MvG* lockable, black 065-0093 bicycle Garmin GPS II, III and V 065-0022 065-0035 *MvG* Upgrade GPS II, III and V to *MvG* GPS II, III and V 065-0042 Handlebar bracket GPS Forerunner 201 065-0082 GPS Forerunner 201 Bicycle handlebar bracket 065-0083 Garmin GPS Map 76C/76CS, 76Cx/76CSx 065-0084 Shouldyouhaveanyquestions,pleasedonothesitatetocontactus.Forcontact details,pleaserefertothebackofthecatalogue

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