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1646 065-0009 065-0014 068-0027 068-0029 Handlebar mounting for Bicycle‘s - Always know, where you want to go.... The most of the bicycle mount’s you can get, are either fixed at very sensitive peaces of the GPS case, or the bicycle mounts are made out of plastic parts, witch are not cope with such high demands.For example the units from the eTrex family (pg. 965 ff) are fixed with the batteryboxcover, as supporting Component for the serial brackets. The boxcover is only locked with a small pin, witch is plug in the GPS body. But mostly it is not built, for this kind of use. A damage would mean, the “unit” has to be repaired or changed. Our approved bike- constructions either enclose the whole body of the unit or plug in strong cut - out’s oft the GPS body. The unit will fit save and strong in the bike-bracket and can be insert proper and easily. The bike brackets are equipped with special and tough mounts, for appropriate bicycle handle bars. Handlebar mounting, Garmin Oregon, bicycle 065-0009 Handlebar mounting, Garmin Nuvi 550, bicycle 065-0014 Garmin not included. Garmin not included. RAM Holder for Garmin Handheld Devices This RAM device holder is designed specifically for Garmin Handheld GPS devices. The device is an exact fit in the plastic cradle, which holds it secure- ly. The device simply clips into the holder and can be removed just as easily. This cradle is not lockable. 068-0027 Garmin Dakota series 068-0029 Garmin Oregon series Recommended accessories: RAM U-bolt mount ball and socket adapter (01-065-0040-0)

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