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1642 Handlebar bracket Garmin eTrex The handlebar bracket for the eTrex is a rugged construction which is vibration-isolated using rubber buffers. 065-0030 Handlebar bracket Garmin eTrex color (Legend c / vista c) 065-0094 Handlebar bracket Garmin eTrex color (Legend C / Vista C) 065-0095 „lockable“ Handlebar bracket GPS 60 The Hightech concentrate for Motorbike & Bicycle... With this masterly, clever and smart construction, is it possible toassemble the units of the GPS 60 family, save and free of vibrations on your Motorbike or Bicylcle. The subtel and filed components, made of lasered and technical proper worked aluminiumparts, integrate the unit close and securely in the handlebar bracket. The knob of the unit-body, is fitted tight in the fastener with a slide damper mechanic. The capa- bility of the unit and the handlebar- bracket gave us the chance to, fit in the bus bar in the holder. As well as fixing the unit in the traditional way, i.e. to the enduro‘s handlebar crossbar, the GPS 60 units can also be fitted to almost any motorbike using one of our many adapters (see page 1599 ff). The Bicycle-bracket has a special tough take up , for the mostly used handlebars. For this reason it is possible to use the GPS 60 always a guidance on you trips. Even when they are rough an extreme. Handlebar bracket GPS 60 065-0075 Handlebar bracket GPS 60 Bicycle 065-0076 Handlebar bracket GPS 60 „lockable“ 065-0077 Please note that our handlebar brackets are designed in principle, for handlebar crossbars. We offer an extensive range of adapters for motorcycle models without handlebar crossbars. GPS 60 not included.

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