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1638 Handlebar mount motorbike for TomTom Rider 2013/Urban Rider, lockable The new TomTom Rider 2013 / Urban Rider handlebar mount incorporates a lot of expertise - our developers have incorporated experience from many trips into this innovative product. The TomTom Ri- der handlebar mount features a new opening mechanism, and the handlebar mount closes and locks in two separate steps. The mount closes to hold the TomTom securely in place, and then the closure mechanism can be locked. The TomTom base mount with power supply which comes with the TomTom Rider is integrated into the Touratech handlebar mount. Features: - Can be fitted directly onto 12 mm centre strut or onto the swivel head adapter supplied with the TomTom Rider 2013 / Urban Rider. - The handlebar mount can be used on most motorbikes with our mounting adapters - All functions on your TomTom Rider 2013 / Urban Rider remain easily accessible in all situations - Laser-cut, anodised aluminium parts, manufactured using CNC technology, provide stability and precision - This Touratech handlebar mount has been designed and developed specially for the TomTom Rider 2013 / Urban Rider - TomTom Rider 2013 / Urban Rider handlebar mount is lockable 065-0244 andonised silver 065-0245 andonised black tomtom Rider II not included.

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