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Navigation 1637 065-0360 065-0359 Handelbars TwoNav Aventura handlebar bracket This handlebar mounting wraps itself right around the TwoNav Aventura. The device fits easily in the stainless steel base plate. The selected attachment points on the TwoNav Aventura hold the device firmly and precisely in position. The Touratech handlebar mounting for the TwoNav Aventura will keep your GPS device safe on all your adventures. The facts about the TwoNav Aventura Tou- ratech handlebar mounting: - Base plate in laser-cut, CNC-shaped smoothed stainless steel. - Cover in laser-cut, CNC-shaped anodised aluminium. - Elaborate closing mechanism holds the device safely and firmly in position. - Special TT decouplings protect against vibration. - Fit to 12-mm centre struts, swivel head adapters (optional). - Single hand operation of the device is completely retained. - The TwoNav Aventura bracket is available in a lockable version. TwoNav Aventura handlebar mounting for motorbikes 065-0357 *not lockable* TwoNav Aventura handlebar mounting for motorbikes 065-0359 *lockable* TwoNav Aventura handlebar mounting for motorbikes 065-0360 *MvG lockable* TwoNav Aventura handlebar bracket for bicycles 065-0358 *not lockable* Please note that our handlebar brackets are designed in principle, for handlebar crossbars. We offer an extensive range of adapters for motorcycle models without handlebar crossbars. TwoNav Aventura not supplied with the mounting.

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