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Navigation 1635Handelbars Handlebar mounting Nüvi 550 / Becker Crocodile/Zumo 210/ Zumo 220 This handlebar mounting wraps itself around the Nüvi 550/Becker Crocodile like a hand. The device fits easily in the stainless steel base plate. After activation of the precision-lasered, CNC-shaped, forcibly guided closing mechanism, the upper part of the bracket lowers down over the device like a hand. The selected attachment points on the housing of the Nüvi 550/Becker Crocodile hold the device firmly and securely in position. So whatever lies ahead - high-frequency engine vibrations, or large potholes, or kerbs - you can focus on your ride and the action. The Touratech handlebar mounting for the Nüvi 550/Becker Crocodile holds your device firmly and safely, wrapping itself around it like a hand. The facts about handlebar mounting: - Base plate in laser-cut, CNC-shaped smoothed stainless steel. - Cover in laser-cut, CNC-shaped anodised aluminium. - Elaborate closing mechanism holds the device safely and firmly in position. - Special TT decouplings protect against vibration. Up to the special decoupling provided by the MvG version, item: 065-0013 and 065-0017 - Fit to 12-mm centre struts, swivel head adapters (optional). - Single hand operation of the device is completely retained - The bracket is available in a lockable version. Special MvG characteristics: „MvG“ stands for a very special vibration decoupling. Originally invented for aeronautics, we have adapted it for use on motorbikes. The units are thus almost completely (up to 95%) protected against vibrations. The Zumo 220/Nüvi 550 is fit for use on a motorbike and even rough off-road use on strongly vibrating enduros and mountain bikes. Nüvi 550/Zumo 220/Zumo 210 065-0013 *Lockable* „MvG“ 065-0015 *Lockable* 065-0014 bicycle ZUMO not included. ZUMO not included.

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