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1634 ZUMO handlebar mounting 550 The ZUMO was specially developed for motorbike use. The motorbike mounting supplied with the ZUMO including the power supply and connections for the headset are to be integrated in the Touratech handlebar mounting. If the original Garmin motorbike mounting is used on its own, motorbike vibrations can cause the unit to oscillate severely within its mounting. The facts about handlebar mounting: - All mounting options are possible; either on the 12 mm middle strut, using a swivel head adapter or using the adapter supplied with the Zumo - All connection options are provided, including the power supply and headset connection with 2.5/3.5 mm jack. Even an optional TMC module can be connected -True Touratech vibration decoupling, right up to the special decoupling provided by the MvG version, is implemented - The special TT mechanics ensure that the Garmin unlocking mechanism is protected. Single hand operation is completely retained See also the detailed figures. - Laser-cut, aanodized aluminium parts, manufactured using CMC technology, provide stability and precision - Spring elements in the special TT design ensure that the „tendency to oscillate“ of the unit fitted in the original mounting is minimized. - We offer two lockable versions. This protects the unit against snatching during short stops - The handlebar mounting can be very easily fitted 065-0140 065-0141 *Lockable* 065-0151 *Lockable* „black* For the „MvG“ version, an extremely specialized vibration decoupling is used which has its origin in aerospace technology and has been adapted for motorbike use. The units are thus almost completely (up to 95%) protected against vibrations. For units which have not been specially pre-conditioned by us for motorbike use or for rough off-road use on strongly vibrating enduros, we recommend the specially decoupled MvG version. 065-0142 *Lockable* „MvG“ ZUMO 550 not included.

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