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1624 Garmin TOPO Tunesien 2010 microSD™/SD™ Topographic map with a high level of detail for use on map-enabled Garmin GPS devices. Includes roads, gravel tracks, desert tracks, pipelines, dunes, information on bodies of water including wadis, and much more. Contour lines 25 m apart. Points of interest such as hotels, restaurants, petrol stations, CD – TOPO Morocco - Digital topographic map on DVD and microSD card This is the perfect guide for a desert adventure in Morocco. Made by desert trekking specialists for desert trekking specialists, this map provides detailed information on streets, earth roads, and settlements. It also shows important information for desert trekkers like gas stations, water holes, and oases. Enjoy your adventure and discover the magic of the desert with the confidence of being guided by a local – you can rely on the Topo Morocco map. The Topo Morocco DVD uses Garmin’s new BaseCamp PC software. landmarks etc. Routing-enabled to a certain degree as an aid to route planning. Full functionality on NT-enabled devices, limited display on non-NT enabled devices, e.g. no individual dunes. NT = new technology. 090-0375 Please note: This software needs to be activated and unlocked via the internet before it can be used. - PC/Mac software is licensed for installation on a single computer - The SD/microSD card (supplied) can be used in multiple devices 090-0396 For more maps, details, information and prices please visit

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