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Navigation 1623 Maps DVD Topo France V3 PRO MicroSD card with Topo France pre-loaded. Let us be your outdoor guide to paths, trails, shelters, lakes, mountains and more in France. With data in 1:25,000 scale, this product provides the latest generation of vector-based topographic maps to bring you an unrivaled visual display of height contours and color palettes. Features - Offers regional and countrywide coverage for all of France on a DVD and preloaded microSD™/SD™ card - Displays vector-based topographic map data in 1:25,000 scale - Includes new ActiveRouting¹ functio nalities that offer tailored and innovative routing recommendations for asy tour planning - Displays routable roads, trails and highways in metropolitan and rural areas so getting to your destination is easy by creating point-to-point routes on compatible devices 090-0400 DVD – TrekMap Italia V3 PRO Includes microSD card preloaded with Trek- Map Italia V3. Routing-enabled on the entire road and trail network. Let usbe your outdoor guide to paths, trails, lakes, mountains and more in Italy. A must for outdoor enthusiasts, this topographic product includes more than 12,000 km of trails compliant with our new ActiveRouting, feature. 090-0401 Topo Spain V5 *whole of Spain* Includes microSD card preloaded with Topo Spain V4 Venture on. Topo Spain V5 is the perfect guide for recreational and outdoor activities and includes coverage of the Balearic and Canary Islands as well as Ceuta and Melilla. Based on quality data from Centro Nacional de Información Geográfica (CNIG), TOPO Spain provides users with comprehensive elevation data to help navigation. Precise topographic mapping at a scale of 1:25,000-1:50,000. 090-0388 DVD – Topo Spain V4 *whole of Spain* 090-0692 Garmin TOPO España v5 PRO microSD™/SD™ Card Garmin Wander-Atlas Tirol microSD™/SD™ Card Let your hiking adventure begin. Combine this mapping product with the famous KOMPASS raster maps and get a complete hiking atlas with routable hiking tours, points of interest, descriptions, pictures and more. - Features an overview map scale of 1:200,000. - Features KOMPASS raster map scale of 1:50,000. - Displays routes on more than 130 pre-compiled, recommended hiking tours, based on the popular KOMPASS Wander-Atlas series. - Includes digital elevation model (DEM) for route vertical profiling. - Includes fully searchable KOMPASS points of interest with detailed descriptions and photos. 090-0693

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