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1596 Data cards / memory modules The various GPS systems made by Garmin, TwoNav and TomTom that are marked with one of the symbols (pp. 942 ff.) allow additional maps to be loaded and displayed on the map screen using memory cards. This data is loaded onto the device in addition to its preinstalled maps, and can be used as desired. The compatible GPS devices have a built-in slot that takes an SD or microSD card. The SD/microSD data cards that are shown here can be used alternatively as an SD or microSD card with the integrated adapter. These removable data cards offer you a high level of flexibility and can store large amounts of detailed information, trip data or photos, for example. By using multiple data cards you can take all kinds of different maps with you – for example city maps or topo- graphic maps for a long journey. Tip: Garmin offer a large selection of detailed, TOPO and leisure maps, some of which are preinstalled on SD/microSD cards. For more information, please see pp. 1616 ff. in the catalogue. SD & microSD data card *Sandisk* 2 GB 065-0493 SD & microSD data card *Sandisk* 8 GB 065-0494 SD & microSD data card *Sandisk* 16 GB 065-0495 As prices are constantly changing, please consult the GPS price list for current prices or visit our online shop at

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