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1594 POI * IPX7 * ODB * Tripy II The Tripy II GPS system. A new way of seeing things. - Do you like riding a motorbike? - Do you like scenic motorbike routes? - Do you always want to know which way you should go? - Do you like creating road books and trips to use as a tour guide? If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, Tripy II is the navigation system for you! Tripy II is about motorcycling: the experience, the scenery and the route, not the GPS device. Tripy II only displays the information that’s really important. You play a dynamic part in the route guidance system, and you’re always in the picture on how the trip is going Tripy II uses rally co-driver pictograms to guide you on your trips – these have been tried and tested countless times. Tripy II does indeed know the most scenic routes, because we’ve tested it! At the same time, Tripy II is easy to use. It gives clear turn-by-turn directions that anyone can understand. You’re always part of the route and never just an observer watching the screen. Tripy II helps you - Appreciate the scenery and enjoy riding your motorbike! - Easily find your way to pleasures and attractions - Plan your next trip in advance - Experience other motorcyclists’ trips More features & details - Tripy II uses the same pictograms and tripmaster functions as professional rally teams. - B&W monochrome screen for excellent readability even in the most extreme lighting conditions. - Extremely resilient housing and buttons – fully dust and waterproof (IPX7). - Tripy II is fully “routing-enabled” and can automatically recalculate routes for detours and diversions. - Complete detailed data for Western Europe is preinstalled along with Tele-Atlas detailed data. Countries: AT, BE, CH, ES, FR, GB, GR, IE, IT, LU, PT. 800,000 points of interest preinstalled.

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