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1576 SD / Micro SD memory cards. Nearly all GPS devices offer a memory card slot for SD or micro SD memory cards. The description of the product will tell you whether the respective GPS device can utilise the memory extension. The USB interface of the device or a data card programmer are used for program- ming the memory cards. TMC traffic information receiver is usually only available „optional“ for a variety of devices. TMC provides current traffic information via a special receiver and stores them for call-up. Extensive Smartphone Apps are also available for some devices and these go well beyond simply offering traffic information only. Receiving the data is free in Germany and most European countries. Voice output. In addition to displaying turn-offs, many of the GPS devices offer voice turn-off information. The device will guide you to your stored inter- mediate goal or destination via voice information on roundabouts, street names or crossings. An „optional headset“ lets you receive information in your helmet. Depending on the features of the GPS device and your requirements, you can use the extremely comfortable Bluetooth communication systems for your activi- ties (from page 1690). Versatile Bluetooth technology. Depending on the features and the scope of delivery, the GPS devices are equipped with wireless Bluetooth technology. For example, this lets you use the phone without taking your gloves off or having to remove your helmet. To this purpose, you connect the GPS device with an „optional“ Bluetooth-compatible headset or helmet. This lets you concentrate on the road while you follow the navigation instructions or listen to music.

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