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Navigation 1575 IPX6 * IPX7 * What does “IPX7”- protected mean When we speak of “waterproof”, these GPS systems in the Touratech portfolio are protected against occasional im- mersion in water. This means they have been tested under complete immersion in water. Test conditions: immersion in diving basin water surface X mm above the highest point of the housing (> 150 mm) (devices > 850 mm) lowest point of the housing 1 m below the water surface (devices < 850 mm) test duration: 30 min. Water temperature: housing temperature ± 5 K What does „IPX6“-protected mean When we speak of „weatherproof“ or „spray water protected“. If a test was conducted for strong spray water: GPS 2610, test with spray nozzle, nominal size 12 spray nozzle: Ø = 12.5 mm, water volume flow: (100 ± 5) l/min, distance housing surface - spray nozzle: approx. 3 m, test duration: 1 min/sqm (> 3 min) Digital maps form the basis for the extensive navigation functions of the GPS devices. Depending on the features and the scope of delivery, the motor- cycle GPS devices include Europe-wide map data with turn-off information, countless addresses and traffic junctions. Eastern and Western Europe presently comprises 45 countries. Coverage of Central Europe presently comprises 22 countries. You can find detailed information about the maps from page 1616 onwards and in our Online Shop at Integrated basic maps Depending on the device features, the basic maps only offer marginal details and are therefore maximally pre-installed as rough orientation guides on the manual devices. These maps include towns, lakes, rivers, motorways, a city data base and nautical navigation aids. Even the recreation map Europe (scale 1:100,000) is not suitable for automatic route calculation due to its low resolution. The digital maps of the respective device manufacturers work best. (Page 1616) They contain adapted location data bases (LDB) with fast access times and usually a comprehensive network of Points of Interest (POI), for example, restaurants, hotels, shopping opportunities, recreatio- nal facilities and much more. In addition, many of the GPS devices can also be used in conjunction with the comprehensive range of Open-Street-Map maps( The Basecamp Software is the Garmin‘s planning software and can be downloaded free via the links for the GPS devices in the Touratech WEB Shop. Depending on the device, the software is already included in the scope of delivery. The Tyre Pro Software is the TomTom‘s planning software and can be downloaded free via the links for the GPS devices in the Touratech WEB Shop. The software is already included with the TomTom Rider scope of delivery.

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