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1574 The world of GPS devices GPS navigation has made significant advances in recent times and has become an integral part of modern mobility. For many years now we have been using GPS support on our various tours. We have practical knowledge of the devices selected for our catalogue, often gained under extreme conditions. We develop mounting brackets for motorcycles as well as many other accessories ourselves, including or patented GPS handlebar mounting brackets to give an example. GPS = Global Positioning System. The GPS satellite system consists of a number of satellites which send positioning signals to the earth. The GPS receivers collect the data from the approx. 12 satellites visible over the horizon (acquisition) to calculate the current position. This position can be calculated with a precision of 5 metres. Today‘s modern GPS systems can process „all“ the positioning signals of the visible satellites simultaneously. The devices available from us are equipped with highly sensitive GPS chips, for example, the SiRFStarIII. Some of the latest outdoor devices can also use the Russian GLONASS Satellite System. This is yet another quantum leap in terms of GPS performance, a useable signal can still be received between tall buildings and densely foliated woods. „Motion is always necessary“ to actively use a GPS receiver. The GPS devices listed in our catalogue are state-of-the-art active navigation aids for urban and rural areas. As a matter of principle, our devices can be classified as outdoor or more road-oriented devices. The devices we have selected mainly focus on stability, excellent suitability for use with motorcycles and all outdoor activities. Many of the GPS systems described here can also be used with cars. Depending on the type of device, TMC traffic information is also included in addition to detail-rich maps. All these criteria add up to give the optimal structure for a good price-performance ratio, a guarantee Touratech gives you, the customer. The Garmin ZUMO series, from page 1578 has proven itself many times as a specialised device for motorcycles. In terms of operability, convenience and route planning on the PC it hardly leaves anything to be desired. The TomTom Rider from page 1588 is a proven and popular classic in motor- cycle navigation systems. With the Tripy II on page 1594 we have also included a highly functional alternative GPS concept specifically for motorcycles in our programme. From page 1598 onwards, you can find bicycle manual and outdoor GPS systems with detailed recreation maps for use with a bicycle and virtually all recreational activities. Of course, we would be pleased to help you personally in finding the right device for you. Contact us, the Touratech AG and its partner dealerships. To be found at, via E-mail: or by telephone +49 (0)7728 - 9279-0. You can also find the contact data on the back cover of this catalogue.

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