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Lifestyle / Fashion 1569 Sunglasses TOURATECH Ti900 *Titan* Touratech Titan sunglasses exclusively handmade for us in Italy - they‘re the world‘s lightest sunglasses with Zeiss lenses for motorcyclists. These sunglasses, exclusively available from TOURATECH, are specially designed to be worn under a helmet: from the sidepieces, to the frame and all the way to the lenses themselves! The ultra-light sidepieces are made of beta titanium, hand-finished and customized with a laser-engraved Touratech logo. These sidepieces are riveted to the lense frame, made of „Ergal“ aluminium, in an Italian workshop. This material is so rugged that it‘s also used in motorcycle handlebars and vehicle tire rims! The lenses themselves are made of impact/scratch-resistant plastic manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision. If you need prescription lenses, your optician can easily insert them in the frame, which has discreetly located retaining screws for this purpose. These TOURATECH sunglasses are super cool! In fact, they‘re more than cool: These are high-quality, rugged sunglasses with a functional design that truly meets the needs of motorcyclists. In fact, we‘ve already tested them for you! Both on-road and off-road! - Weight: only 22/28 g! - Two-year guarantee on materials and workmanship - Light-transmittance rating = „3“ - 100% UVA and UVB protection - Handmade in Italy - Includes a case and cleaning cloth Available in two widths: S and XL *Special Edition* 200-0502 size S 200-0503 size XL *Titan* 200-0500 size S 200-0501 size XL

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