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15081508 I am feeling itchy. It‘s the excitement. I have no idea on how many motorcycles I have ridden. But I have never sat on a bike which had been en route to Dakar. To be correct: should have been. Half fascinated, half at a loss I stood in front of the Rallye- X-Challenge, the one that did not make it to Dakar. The year it was to pass the ultimate test, in 2008, Dakar got canceled. And now I can use this monster to ride part of the tracks for which the Touratech works team had originally assembled the machine. Before leaving for Morocco together with four friends I started getting acquainted with the high seat. An adequate set of rally instruments is hidden under a zippered cover. A short frown: now how does this navigation instrument work again? A massive extra fuel tank extends the range to Sahara-compatible distances. Only the storage space for my travel utensils leaves something to be desired. The aluminium rack on the back is just about big enough for a slice of toast. No matter, let‘s finally get on with it!

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