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1505 Helmet Cameras Drift Ghost-S helmet camera Drift Ghost-S main features: WIFI- Wirelessly connect the camera to a smartphone via Wi-Fi (free app available for iOS and Android). Change camera settings or control the Drift Ghost-S using your smartphone. You can also upload movies directly from the camera onto your mobile phone and share them instantly with friends. Operate the camera from a range of up to 100 m. Clone mode - Activate this mode to link cameras via Wi-Fi and synchronise or control multiple came- ras. Up to 5 cameras can connect simultaneously in a clone network. Scene mode - Helps users shoot the best possible images. Choose between normal, vivid or low-light modes. Higher bitrate - Either use normal compression with the H.264 codec or set a higher bitrate (up to 35 Mbps) for the best quality video playback. Shoot videos and stills at the same time - Press the MENU button while filming to take a photo without interrupting the recording. If using the remote control, press the ACTION button. Protected storage - If the camera is switched off unexpectedly (e.g. if the battery is taken out), it is now possible to retroactively store the file that was just recorded. Status LED - There is a status LED above the camera lens and on the remote control that indicates the current camera mode. What‘s included: Universal clip Remote control 1700 mAh rechargeable battery Rear connector hatch USB cable (Mini-B), microphone extension cable Goggle mount Surface mounts Velcro strap Drift Ghost-S helmet camera with remote control, *action camera* 062-0120

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