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1503 Helmet camera Contour +2 *Action camera* Contour+2 is the next generation of Contour action cameras. The most popular functions of the Contour ROAM and Contour+ have been combined and a camera developed that is easy to use and will really add to your adventures. The Contour +2 is perfect for fabulous HD video recordings of 1080p including information on speed, distance and altitude.You can share this footage with your friends straight away - on any of the networks that you like to use. There‘s a large button with which you can intuitively start shooting with your Contour+2. It also has a waterproof housing (to 60 m depth) for your underwater adventures. The Contour +2 will provide you with the best possible recording quality. And the Contour +2 will make your stories livelier than ever before. What‘s included: - Contour+2 camera - Waterproof housing for the Contour+2 - Mini USB cable - HDMI cable - Microphone adapter cable - Side attachment - Rotary mount for level surfaces - Lithium-ion battery - Camera/attachment strap 062-0013 Helmet Cameras

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