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1497 068-0024 068-0232 068-0231068-0230 068-0228 068-0005068-0002065-0044068-0112 068-0019 1 4 3 2068-0111 Helmet Cameras universal for Garmin VIRBâ„¢ Universal Ram Mount mounting systems for action cameras - The system has proven itself, from handlebars to crash bars to tubular frames, and for numerous mounting challenges which at first seemed to be insolvable. The lower ball element is fitted to the vehicle ( 4 ), the upper half is fitted with an adapter ( 2 ). A spacer with clamp is placed between the two ( 3 ). The clamped ball elements can be rotated over a wide range. Depending on the space available, three different lengths of spacers can be used. The robust toggles on the clamps allow fixing of the connections and will even resist off-road challenges. A major advantage is the universal compatibility of all Ram Mount elements. Camera ball element Camera spacer ball element vehicle 068-0232068-0231068-0230068-0228 068-0005068-0002065-0044068-0112068-0019

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