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1457 Movies - Books DVD Mexico - Touratech‘s Test Tour in November 2005. All those involved have been focusing on this project since spring. It was our dream to get from Mexico City to Hava- na with many bruising miles of offroad tracks and then to take ship for Cuba itself. We had to bury this dream when the journey had already started. We would have had to overcome too many administrative barriers and last but not least, we weren’t even sure if we could get the bikes through customs in Cuba. While resting at a river in Cupper Canyon and having made a final phone call to Cuba, the decision was we stay in Mexico! None of the team members regretted this decision. We were already enchanted by Mexico, by its magnificent countryside, its many miles of offroad tracks and the friendly people that we met on our journey. We made a film documenting our experiences on this memorable journey meanwhile a tra- dition at Touratech. It is a film of a journey that turned out to be totally different from what we had originally planned - but we will remember it as being a wonderful and unique experience. Look forward to a fascinating film! The DVD can be played in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish. 091-0161 From Canada to Mexico - A journey through the Western USA On 29th October 2006, two bikers started an extraor- dinary tour in Victoria, Canada. The route led from the Pacific North-West of the American continent through the Western USA right down to the Mexican border. The challenge: the main part of the journey took place off-road. Right where there are no street signs, no traffic and no supermarkets. The wheels only came in contact with asphalt when there was no other route. On their tour, Ramona Eichhorn and Herbert Schwarz experienced the solitude and raw beauty of the United States of America. They explored an America beyond the well known gaudy facades, the fast food chains and the interstates. In the expanses of the American West, another, original America can still be seen. A country made for a touring biker. The DVD can be played in English, German, French, Italian or Spanish. 091-0169

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