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1456 DVD The End of the Rains In May 2007, in close co-operation with BMW, Touratech undertook the world‘s first adventure motorbike journey on the new BMW F 800 GS. Together with the BMW G 650 Xchallenge - which had already been tested earlier - the two set off on the journey around Lake Victoria, Africa‘s biggest lake. The trip covered 5087 km of sand, gravel, corrugated metal and mud - from the white sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean through the Masai steppe in Kenya, the savannah of Tanzania, the green mountains of Burundi and Rwanda, around the extinct Mt. Elgon volcano in Uganda and back to Mombasa. The team consisted of Herbert Schwarz, who was testing the accessories (which were developed by Touratech) under extreme con- ditions off-road, and Ramona Schwarz, who ac- companied him in photography and film. Together the two produced thousands of photographs and many hours of film. Travelling independently with a tent, they had plenty of amazing encounters with the locals. Throughout their travels, the travellers encountered African joie de vivre and hospita- lity everywhere they went.The visit to the world’s last surviving mountain gorillas who live in the Virunga volcanoes of Rwanda was unique. What distinguishes this film from earlier Touratech films is its strong documentary character. Ramona and Herbert Schwarz shot all the footage for this film themselves. It shows a realistic picture of strange and fascinating Black Africa. The two captured images on the roadside and of daily life. Topics such as the genocide in Rwanda and the poverty are also brought closer to the viewer with sensitivity and understanding. 091-0186 NO PLAN IS A GOOD PLAN - A voyage of discovery through South-East Asia The plan is to not have a plan. True to this motto, Ramona and Herbert Schwarz decided in Novem- ber 2009 to explore countries in Asia previously unfamiliarto them. With a BMW F 800 GS and a new BMW R 1200GS Adventure, the trip first takes them to the north of Thailand and is then a long circular tour through Laos and Cambodia. The tour, totalling 5,789 kilometres, runs down the Mekong through exotic villages and mysterious jungles, past bizarre mountain formations and powerful waterfalls as well as a pass road nearly 1,000 kilometres long, with one curve after ano- ther. This film was shot by Ramona and Herbert themselves. The two deliberately decided to ride without a support team, so that the journey would not be dominated by the filming. This has resulted in impressive scenes the likes of which can only arise on a journey and cannot be scripted. Come with us to colourful markets, mystical ruins in the jungle and people from completely different cul- tures. See how Cambodia still has to struggle with land mines years after the war, and how you can get lost on a journey despite the most up-to-date equipment. The vivid impressions are at the fore- front at all times; but there are also plenty of riding scenes during this absorbing motorbike journey. The DVD can be played in German, English, French, Italian or Spanish. 091-0196 German language Englisch language

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