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1455 Movies - Books DVD The Last Coffee before the Desert – 2600 miles by motorbike through Ethiopia The inspiration behind the latest adventure from Herbert and Ramona Schwarz – a 4300 kilometer motorbike trip across Ethiopia – was simple: the founder of Touratech and his photo-journalist wife were curious as to where the coffee they enjoy every morning came from. This film is a documentary of an extraordinary motorbike journey, one day at 0ºC at 4000 meters the next at 40ºC at 128 meters below sea level, it is a journey of extremes. A journey through awe-inspiring landscapes and fascinating culture a thousand years old. Meeting a people who are one of a kind – and proud, friendly and hospitable. 091-0198 DVD Madagascar Diary Going travelling, thinking about other things, testing products and gathering news ideas: these are the passions shared by Touratech founder Herbert Schwarz and his wife Ramona. A long-held dream finally came true in the autumn of 2012, because for over five years Madagascar has been at the top of their list of places to go. The island state Madagas- car is not only famous for its unique flora and fauna, but also as a grower of spices including vanilla, cloves and pepper. Madagascar offers travelling bikers plenty in the way of undeveloped roads, spectacular landscapes and fascinating people. The film shows the journey from Nosy Bé in the northwest to the capital Antananarivo. 091-0199

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