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1446 For a long time, we looked for a jacket that kept the wearer really warm, didn’t weigh much and wasn’t bulky, a proper motorcycle jacket that also makes a good impression when you tour on foot. In other words: a jacket with which one is prepared at all times for the surprises of temperature that can always occur! The result is our Iso-Layer G-LOFT™ thermo jacket Superior loft: The superior filling of G-LOFT results from the spiral-shaped crimp and a special silicone coating which reduces friction between the fibres. Persistently high, long-lasting loft: The crimp is produced when the fibres are spun and is permanent, because two-component hollow fibres are used for G-LOFT. These consist of two polyester components of different molecular structure, which create the effect of a permanent “curl“ - like a spring coil. Low packing size and weight: The excellent loft characteristics of G-LOFT mean lots of air in the filling, which is pressed out when the jacket is packed, resulting in a handy, small size. So small that the whole jacket fits in its own side pocket! The benefits of G-LOFT: - Superior loft, which is primarily responsible for its outstanding thermal characteristics. - Long-lasting, because the fibres always return to their original form, restoring the material’s high loft every time after unpacking. Color: Black Weight: Approx. 500 g (size L) Equipped with two outer pockets, one inside pocket, an extended back and a 2-way front zipper („Loft“ refers to the “fluffiness“ of down and artificial fibres) jacket size 500-2030 S 500-2031 M 500-2032 L 500-2033 XL 500-2034 XXL Touratech Iso-Layer G-Loft™ Thermo jacket

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