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1440 WOOLPOWER Ullfrotté Original: The Swedish people know what to do when it is freezing cold. For 30 years, Ullfrotté AB, located in Östersund in northern Sweden, has been committed to developing underclothing that protects against extremely cold weather. The material called Ullfrotté Original is made from finest merino wool, polyamide and polyester fibres. It is soft on the outside and has a terry-knit soft inside that keeps you warm because of the curly merino wool fibres knitted to shape. As air is a bad conductor of heat, Woolpower garments have an excellent warming ability and insulate your body perfectly. The lightweight material wicks moisture away from the skin and keeps you warm and comfortable regardless of activity. This is the huge benefit of Woolpower Ullfrotté which makes it ideal for motorcycle journeys. In contrast to pure synthetic fibres, Woolpower Ullfrotté is self-cleaning to some extent and does not retain odour even after long periods of use. And it has another advantage: The garments comply with the “Öko- Tex Standard 100” and can be machine washed at 60°C. At this temperature the bacteria will be killed this is not the case when the garments are washed at 30°C only. WOOLPOWER POLO Singlet with long sleeves made of Ullfrotté 200 g/ m² with longer back section and polo neck with zip. Perfect for wearing it right next to the skin. Soft inner surface made of fine merino wool, reinforced with polyamide for improved durability. Colour: black Weight: approx. 350 g Material: 60% Merino wool, 25% polyester, 13% polyamide, 2% elastane 070-0531 size S 070-0532 size M 070-0533 size L 070-0534 size XL 070-0535 size XXL Woolpower “WILDLIFE” Strong socks and stockings from 600g/qm-cloth. The Ullfrotté WILDLIFE feels marvelously softly and warms also still if it became wettish. Heels and toes are additionally strengthened. Weight: approx.. 160 g Material: 60% Merino wool, 40% polyamide Woolpower socks “WILDLIFE”, black 070-0503 size 36-39 070-0504 size 40-44 070-0505 size 45-48 Woolpower Stockings “WILDLIFE”, black 070-0479 size 36-39 070-0480 size 40-44 070-0481 size 45-48

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